Sunday, November 21, 2010


One of my favourite shops in all of SL is having a sale.
Black and grey (it appears in some stuff is down to 50L)
and old stuff is down to 25L

im a sucker for there suspender socks.


MM @ DV8 for 100L gift card.


i would add a photo but i cant get over there !

MMs from Violet

Skin! New releases on the MM changing daily.
The Void

If you love animals, this place is for you.
MM has been changing daily, and you can get a very low prim sculpted animal!
Neon Frog Studios

Unique Dolly and Gothic style clothes, MM changes almost daily.
Pinkmares House

This place is full of goodies~ 3 MM, 2 luckies, Prizebomb, and guessing board. Specialising in eyes.
Venom Rahne

MM changes daily for full perm animations.

DCS Weapons changing almost daily and two lucky boards.
S&S Design
Friday, November 19, 2010

List of a few hunts going on at the moment or about to start - Part 1

Have moved this list into the side menu

Lucky Chairs - mens and girls - Silly Girl Market

Silly Girl Market

there's a couple of freebies under the xmas tree, and a seperate LC for group members.

BC322 Lucky Chair Hair.

I must say I love this store.
Cool styles, reasonable prices.
mens and female styles.
n the lucky chair hair is just too cute.


Free Hair for group + Lucky CHairs + couple of free poses @ D!va

I know alot of people have blogged about the group gift at D!va however I thought i would mention the
older group gift's available on the 2nd level and the LC's (random changing in exclusive colours)

also if you look on the little table upstairs theres 3 poses that are free.


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